How our collaboration works

Generally our ghostwriting relationship is a highly collaborative one. We help you produce the best version of your vision. To do so, we will conduct extensive recorded interviews to get a sense of your voice, style, and personality. As with all relationships, to avoid conflicts and keeping the work flowing; we maintain open communication and clear boundaries. We keep you updated on the project, constantly asking for your opinion and accepting your remarks as we work within the project timeframe.

Deadlines and Timeframe Expectations

Please note that every project is different. The timeframe will depend on how much source material has been compiled, how much additional research has to be done, and how many drafts are needed to capture the author’s voice. Some projects, like speech writing and magazine article are driven by firm deadlines and often have quick turnarounds. On the other hand, book projects, especially serious, idea-driven works, can take months and sometimes years to complete.

Also the length of time it takes to complete a document is equally variable depending on the availability of the client.

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